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Enhance comfort with arch support insoles

Jun 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Arch support insolesare like a missing puzzle piece between your shoe and the shape of your feet. You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. Is it true? Not sure on this but you might tell a lot about a person’s overall health from the feet health. Your fabulous looking shoes can’t provide an ideal support to your feet. You need contoured shoe liners/ insoles to provide your feet an optimum support and comfort. .

Whatever shoes you like to wear, making your footwear comfortable feels great and reduces the likelihood of injuries. Research backs up the notion that comfortable feet follow preferred movement patterns, reducing strain and stress.

Our flat feet insoles provide the maximum support to your feet by serving as an adaptor between your three-dimensional foot and the two-dimensional surface of the shoe. It helps you to  personalize the fit and feel of any shoe.


Why use arch support insoles? Because your feet deserve better care than provided by the sockliner in your shoes. Most footwears are designed with special attention paid to the outside – the style and the color, but that the most important part – the inside gets overlooked.

Even running shoes do not have the right insole to provide enough support for your feet. DEALicioUS insoles let you transform any shoe be it formal, casual, or running shoe into the most comfortable pair you own. Whether you need a firm base to support your feet arches or flexibility and cushion under your feet, Dealicious flat feet insoles do it all for you!

Adding our insoles will make the shoe more comfortable and reduce discomfort and foot pain. In other words, adding the right shape under your feet helps improve the feel and fit of the shoe.

Dealicious flat feet inserts help stabilize your feet as you move, which can improve efficiency while running or  walking and reduces strain on your feet, back, and knees. Keeping your feet comfortable and supported sets a strong foundation for the rest of your body.

Our flat feet soles provide many other benefits beyond giving more cushion and support to your feet.


At Dealicious, we utilize cutting-edge materials and innovative technology to give our insoles the signature shape that truly sets Dealicious insoles apart.

Our flat feet insoles are a perfect blend of comfort and structure because these are  made of flexible, cushioned, supportive and structured material (PVC).

Every pair of Dealicious insoles provide a cradling structure for your heels and a contoured foundation for your arches that gives your feet the comfort and support they need to move freely while standing strong and remaining stable for long working hours.

The best feature of Dealicious insoles is that they flex with your feet movements but still maintain a healthy foot posture due to contoured orthotic shape that matches the anatomy of your feet.

Our PVC insoles are far better than the memory foam insoles or squishy gel inserts. Memory foam or gel insoles lack optimum support and may press under pressure, thus, giving a very soft and squishy feel under your feet that lacks comfort and stabilization.


Choosing the right insole for your shoe type is crucial for maximum comfort and ease. The size of flat feet insoles you choose for dress shoes or high heels are different from the size you choose for combat or biker boots.

Therefore, it is critical to consider the space you have in your shoes when picking insoles for them. Try answering questions like; are they roomier around the top and sides or do they fit tight to your feet? It will help you in making the right decision.

However, the slim design of Dealicious insoles makes them suitable for even tight footwear like cleats, combat boots, or biker shoes. Most athletic shoes and sneakers have removable shoe liners, by removing these stock liners you can make plenty of room for Dealicious insoles.

The biggest problem that customers face while choosing the size of the flat feet insoles is they often see their shoe size. But, little do they know that every brand and region have different foot size chart.

Your measurements vary in US, PAK, and UK size. Therefore, the best way to find the perfect fit is to measure your feet and the shoes you are buying insoles for. The best thing about Dealicious insoles is they cover the size range of three sizes in one insoles.

For example, our size small fits people having a foot size between 39-40, size medium fits a foot size between 41-43, and size large fits foot size between 43-45. All full-length Dealicious insoles should be trimmed according to your size to fit your footwear.

How to trim insoles?

Trimming insoles is easy:

Step 1:

Take out the sockliner/shoe liner that came with your shoes.

Step 2:

Place it on top of your Dealicious insoles

Step 3:

Trace around the sockliner with a pen or pencil.

Step 4:

Cut your Dealicious insoles along the traced line.

Note: Please refer to the trimming process in this video.

(Video link)


In conclusion, it’s high time that you replace your stock insoles with Dealicious flat feet Insoles for maximum support and comfort. So, what are you still thinking about? Place your order at our website now! And if you have any size related queries please feel free to contact at our socials (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok).


Why arch support is important?

It is crucial to provide your feet protection against shock, cushion or support to your feet, and keeping your body posture stabilized.

What arch support do i need?

If your feet lie flat on ground in both standing and sitting position, a low arch insole will work best for you. On the other hand, if your feet lie flat while standing, but there is an arch when you sit, you probably need medium arch insoles.

What is shoe lining?

The lining of your shoe surrounds your feet from all sides and its purpose is to keep your foot aligned but unfortunately stock liners that come inside your shoes fail to do this. Therefore, you need flat feet insoles for maximum comfort and support





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