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Are flat feet insoles worth it?

May 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Are you someone dealing with flat arches, bunions, plantar fasciitis, or ankle sprain? The right pair of orthotic insoles is your answer to these foot conditions. Want to know if flat feet insoles are worth buying? This blog is for you!

We have answered the most frequently asked question related to insoles and we are sure by the end of reading this blog you will have a clear picture of this product. So let’s begin!

How to know if your pair of insoles is worth it?

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of orthotic shoe insoles and are still confused if you’ve made the right decision, you can go through this checklist to ensure you’ve purchased the right pair for your feet.


Insoles are designed to enhance your comfort so there is no point in wearing insoles that are either too small or big or too for your feet. Your insole should support the whole foot otherwise it’s not going to be effective. Most ready-to-wear insoles come in a standard size so you can trim the length to make it fit you perfectly.


The insoles should not be too rigid or flexible. Their function is to promote optimal movement. Therefore, make sure your pair of insoles does not restrict your foot or put pressure on any point where your feet start feeling uncomfortable.

Moreover, the material should not be too flexible thus making more movement than required for treatment. Remember, the right pair falls between flexibility and rigidness. It will support your feet without placing too much restriction on the movement or making your feet glide.

Treat the common foot conditions

Remember, your insole should treat the foot condition, it claims to. For example, flat feet insoles should treat flat arches, and sports insoles should provide comfort and ease feet for better performance. Therefore, always purchase from known brands that have satisfied customers and a good market reputation.

Well defined arch

Your flat foot arch support insoles should have a well-defined arch for maximum support. If your insoles are flat and lack an arch they will be unable to hold the arch as you move thus failing to optimize arch function which is critical for achieving proper foot movement.


This is a significant consideration, especially for people with diabetic feet; the sensitive nature of their feet makes it compulsory for the insole to be soft on the feet. In such cases, opt for Eva material PVC insoles with extra padding to protect the feet from blisters or wounds that can risk turning into ulcers or infections later. On the other hand, Flat feet gel insoles can lack proper support and alignment.

Benefits of Good-quality insoles

The biggest advantage of wearing flat feet insoles is that they promote healthy movement patterns while improving overall posture and alignment. This is why athletes use Flat feet insoles for running to protect themselves from injuries and enhance their performance during the game. However, not every insole available in the market supports the feet effectively.

Besides being an effective method of minimizing foot pain, wearing foot insoles is an ideal way to prevent lower body conditions from developing in the future. The posture of your feet largely impacts your body posture and walking patterns. Good quality flat feet correction insoles will provide proper support to your feet. This will enable your feet to move in the way they’re supposed to thus maintaining a proper alignment for the whole body.

Moreover, good quality flat feet insoles helps in reducing your chances of developing body and foot conditions, thus saving you from unwanted medical expenses. As compared to the other therapeutic devices available in the market, insoles provide the best and most convenient solution to some common health issues such as knee pain or lower back pain.


In conclusion, the right pair of flat feet insoles is worth it. It helps you recover from flat foot pain and common conditions like shin splints, IT band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and discomforts like Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. This is why it is critical to choose the best insoles for flat feet.

Dealicious is the best insole brand in Pakistan. The three-layer technology in Dealicious shoe insoles helps in supporting your foot arch, thus, enabling you to walk better with every step.

So, what are you still thinking? Order the best shoe inner sole in Pakistan from our website now!


What is the right duration of insoles replacement?

Most insoles require a replacement after six months, but Dealicious flat feet insoles can last you for a good one year and you can extend the life of your insoles by handling them with care and using them responsibly.

How to put insoles in shoes?

Trim your height-increasing or flat feet insoles from the front side according to your foot size and place them in your shoe to have a comfortable walking experience.

What are the best shoe insoles for standing all day?

Dealicious flat feet insoles are the best shoe insoles for standing all day. You can wear them anywhere. The Breathable materials prevent sweat, odor, and chances of slipping, deep heel cups provide enough cushioning to your heel, and arch supports help people with flat arches.


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