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Do height increasing insoles make you confident?

Jun 18, 2023 | 0 comments

If you wish for a few extra inches, fret not – you are at the right website. Our height increasing insoles can make your wish come true in no time.

Want to know how? Continue reading this blog! In today’s society, height is equated with power, confidence, and success. Although it should not impact one’s self-esteem, it’s undeniable.

In this blog, we’ll explore the psychology behind confidence and height and discuss how height elevator insoles can help. So, read on and get ready to stand proud and tall!

The Psychological Link Behind Confidence and Height

Unfortunately, our confidence has a deep-rooted connection with our physical appearance. It can be anything; color, physique, style, or height. Studies show that taller people are often perceived as more assertive, dominant, and successful. This is why taller people sometimes feel more confident due to the positive reinforcement they often receive from people around them.

Whereas, people with shorter heights may experience feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, which can harm their self-esteem.

While it’s crucial to recognize that feeling good about your appearance and being confident in what you are can make a significant difference in how you perceive yourself.

Therefore, if there is anything about your physical appearance which bothers you, work on it. SIMPLE! Work on every small insecurity you have be it your weight, your style, hair, or your height.

Now you must be wondering how someone can work on their height; because in many people’s opinion, it is not possible to grow taller after a certain age. Well! That’s true but ironically it may not be true.

Feeling your confidence getting undermined just because you are not a few inches taller than your height is a thing of the past because science, technology, and innovation have changed the world in so many good ways.

Increasing your height in today’s age is just a matter of two clicks. Go to a trusted online foot care store like Dealicious and place your order for Height elevator insoles and you are done! Let’s find out what height increasing insoles/ shoe lifts are and what benefits it provides.

What are shoe lifts?

Shoe lift inserts are removable insoles that you can insert into a pair of any high-length shoes to add extra height. These heel lifts are a cost-effective and versatile solution to make you look taller.

Height insoles for shoes come in different layers, and each layer adds a unique dimension to your height;

  • One-layer insole adds inches
  • Two layer insole adds inches
  • Three-layer adds inches
  • Four layer insole adds inches

The best thing about these Shoe lifts for height increase is that you can switch them between different pairs of shoes. You can place them in your sneakers, loafers, biker boots, work boots, sports shoes, and even in school shoes.

Investing in a pair of shoe lifts can provide an instant boost to your confidence, thus, raising your self-esteem and enabling you to walk with your head held high.

The benefits of Wearing height increasing insoles

Now that you’re familiar with what height lifts are, Let’s discuss the benefits of wearing them:

Improved Confidence

As mentioned earlier, your appearance can significantly impact your confidence. Wearing height increasing insoles is an easy and effective way of looking taller without letting anybody know. It can make you feel more self-assured, which can improve social interactions, lead to better performance at work, and countless other benefits.

Enhanced Physical Presence

A taller height can make you appear more assertive and impactful, which can be especially beneficial in professional settings. Wearing height increasing shoes can help you command respect and attention, making it easier for you to establish your leadership and authority.

Better Posture

Many people who have an insecurity about their height and feel self-conscious, tend to hunch their shoulders to appear taller. Good-quality insoles can make you look taller while keeping your posture aligned, alleviate back pain, and lead to a more commanding presence.


In conclusion, if you think your height has nothing to do with your confidence, try fixing your height issue, and you will feel the difference. It is cruel to make yourself feel undermined due to an insecurity that can be resolved with a small investment.

Therefore, don’t let your height define you! Order your pair of height increasing insoles now and give yourself a chance to see above the line!


Are shoe lifts noticeable?

No, shoe lifts or height increasing insoles are not noticeable, and people can’t realize if the wearer is wearing them.

Can heel lifts cause problems?

A pair of good-quality insoles do not cause problems because of the arch support. On the other hand, if your insoles lack proper arch support, it may result in sprained ankles.

How to use shoe lifts?

Trim the shoe lifts according to your size, remove the stock liner insole from the shoes, and replace it with height increasing insoles, and done.



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