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8 factors to consider for wearing shoe lifts everyday

Jun 25, 2023 | 0 comments

Do you feel self-conscious about your height or desire to add a few inches to your height? But does the idea of wearing insoles daily scares you? Well! In this blog, we will guide you on how you can wear shoe lifts and enjoy being a few inches taller daily.

Height increase insoles or shoe lifts, are special inserts designed to provide an instant boost to the height of the wearer. These insoles are primarily used for aesthetic purposes, allowing individuals to enhance their confidence and appear taller.

Height increase insoles come in various designs and thicknesses, offering varying levels of height adjustment ranging from 1 inch to 3.9 inches. They are typically made from materials such as gel, foam, or silicone, providing support and cushioning to the feet.

Shoe lifts are a perfect pick for you if you want a quick and non-invasive way to increase your height. However, to ensure you can wear height increase comfortably, there are a few factors you need to consider.

How to incorporate height increase insoles/ shoe lifts in your everyday footwear?

Here are some factors that you need to consider to integrate height insoles in your daily footwear;

Proper Fit

Make sure your insoles fit your shoe size correctly. Too large or small height boost insoles can cause discomfort and may not provide the desired effect.

Gradual Adjustment

If you haven’t tried wearing height insoles before, it’s advisable to start wearing them for a limited time and always start with a one or two layers and gradually increase the layers over time. It allows your body and feet to adjust to the shoe lifts more comfortably.

Supportive Shoes

If you want to wear show lifts every day, choose shoes that provide good cushioning and support. Look for shoes with adequate arch support and a roomy toe box for stability and comfort.

Break-in Period

Expecting to be comfortable immediately after wearing height extender insoles is not what you are supposed to do. Instead, give yourself enough time to get used to wearing height increase insoles. You can start by wearing insoles for a limited time initially, and gradually enhance the duration as your feet feel comfortable. It will help minimize initial discomfort.

Quality Insoles

One smart way to be able to wear height insoles daily is to look for quality insoles. Choose insoles that are neither too soft to squish your feet nor too hard to hurt your feet. Rather, invest in high-quality height insoles that are a perfect blend of hardness and softness to provide your feet with maximum comfort and support. Therefore, it is advisable to look for insoles made from high-degree cushioning materials such as foam or gel that reduce pressure on your feet and help in shock absorption.

Choose insoles with a top-fabric lining

Insoles with a top-fabric lining provide moisture-wicking properties. It eliminates the need of wearing socks. The breathable fabric lining helps to prevent excessive sweating and keeps your feet cool and comfortable.

Regular Maintenance

If you want your shoe lift inserts to last for six months to one year, you have to keep them in good condition by maintaining good hygiene. Keep your height increase insoles dry and clean them periodically to maintain their effectiveness. Moreover, you can do this by following the instructions given by the manufacturer for cleaning and care.

Listen to Your Body

Finally, the most important thing that we often ignore is to listen to our body. Pay attention to any pain or discomfort you feel while wearing shoe lifts for height increase. For example, if you experience a little discomfort initially, know that it is completely normal but if the discomfort stays for a longer time, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional or podiatrist for guidance.


In conclusion, if you want to wear insoles daily you need to ensure you pick the right size of insoles, appropriate shoes, and most importantly give your body and feet enough time to adjust to the change.

Remember, your experience with height increase insoles may vary from other people, so it’s crucial to find what works for you. At Dealicious, we have the most high-quality gel height insoles in Pakistan available at an affordable price.

So, why are you still resisting? Go grab your pair of our height increasing shoe lifts now by placing an order at dealiciousofficial.com.


Do shoe lifts make you lean forward?

Wearing more than two to three layers of insoles for longer period can result in poor posture by causing your upper body to lean forward. Therefore, it is advisable to wear shoe lifts 2 inches maximum, and if necessary wear three to four layers of insoles for a limited time only.



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