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What are height increase insoles and which one is the best?

May 10, 2023 | 0 comments

Do you feel your height is holding your confidence back? Well! Gone are the days when you couldn’t do much about such problems. The rapid advancement in science and Technology has provided solutions to many problems, whether it is about launching gadgets to make life easier or products like height increase insoles to boost our confidence. 


This is the reason why problem-solving products like height increasing soles have proven to be a breakthrough in the shoe insole industry. If you are reading this blog, it is pretty much evident that you are facing a height problem and are new to this product. 


In this article, you will find answers to many of your questions including; what height increasing insoles are, what types of insoles are available in the market, and do they actually work. So, let’s dig into the matter. 


What Are Height Increasing Insoles?

Shoe lifts or height increasing insoles are shoe inserts that are specifically designed to provide an instant gain of 3cm to 9cm of height to the wearer. The insoles mimic the same effect as wearing platform shoes and high heels. These insoles can be placed in a variety of shoes including boots, sneakers, or any high-top shoes. Not only this, insoles are often used to correct leg length discrepancies. 


Types of height increasing insoles

There are two main types of height increasing insoles; full-length insoles and heel lifts. As the name defines, heel lifts are designed to only raise your heel. These height lift adjustable cut shoe heel inserts make for a good choice if you want to use them in multiple shoes as they are easy to put in and take out because they only take up little space in the shoe.


The other type of height increasing insole, full-length insole, refers to insoles that fit the full length of the inside of a shoe. These insoles offer an excellent way to maintain a consistent height. Moreover, they are easy to taper depending on your needs.


What Are Height Increasing Insoles Made From?


Height increasing insoles come in a variety of materials. However, the most common materials include;


Memory Foam

The memory foam insoles are comfortable and adapt to your feet to provide maximum support and comfort. Memory foam insoles work best for people with flat feet as they relieve foot pain. Moreover, if you are into physical activities like running, walking, hiking, and weight lifting such insoles can provide the needed support to your feet.  The material of memory foam will not let your feet feel fatigued.


Silicone Gel

The soft height increasing silicone insoles are invisible once you put them inside your shoes. Silica gel makes the insole firm while providing enough comfort thus allowing for smooth movement to prevent awkward walking motions. Gel insoles prevent slipping and provide an additional grip. Moreover, it also helps in shock absorption and prevents foot injury and fatigue. 



The polyvinyl insoles are the most Comfortable Insoles with air-cushioned caps to provide maximum comfort to your heels and let your feet feel relaxed all day long. These invisible height increase insoles are known for their superior shock absorption and softness. 


The material is a perfect blend of hardness and softness which ensures that it does not get deformed and provides optimal motion control. Polyvinyl insoles have a breathable fabric layered on top. This helps in preventing heat and moisture to build up by promoting air circulation through the breathable fabric.


In short, it will help your feet to stay dry, cool, and odor-free even during strenuous activity thus keeping your feet healthy, comfortable, and blister-free.


Not only this, these insoles fit into different types of shoes including sneakers, boots, and trainers. The height is adjustable from 1.2″ to 3.5″ Inches depending on shoe type.




To wrap up, height increase insoles offer the most convenient and quick way to get your desired height. However, with too many options available in the market it may seem difficult to decide and pick the best one. We have tried our best to elaborate on each type of insole while mentioning polyvinyl as the best in our opinion. So, if you are looking for high quality height increase insoles in Pakistan, DEALicioUS is your place to shop!

Hope this helps you find the best insole for yourself!



How many inches do height insoles add?

Height insoles can add up to 3.54 inches to your height depending on how many layers of insole you are using; (1 layer adds approximately 1.12 inches, 2 layers add 1.96 inches, 3 layers add 2.76 inches and 4 layers add 3.54 inches). 


Do shoe height insoles work?

Yes, definitely! Height increase insoles are not a marketing gimmick and they work pretty well in providing what they claim. In fact, shoe insoles offer the best and easiest ways to add height. 


Are height increase insoles comfortable?

Height insoles are very comfortable and convenient to walk in. But, Polyvinyl insoles are the most comfortable height increase insoles among all. 






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